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Trailers and Parts - Willbanks Metals


Willbanks got its start producing trailer parts for OEM’s in the DFW area. As a first stage fabricator, Willbanks is very familiar with the trailer industry and providing helpful recommendations on saving manufacturers money and weight.

Tower / Pole - Monopole Industry - Willbanks Metals

Tower / Pole

Willbanks Metals has invested a lot of time, money and resources towards the monopole industry. With 3 x 60′ long press brakes WMI has the ability to produce up to 200 + steel shafts per day. WMI is the only service center in the United States that has the ability to turn a steel coil into a steel shaft all in one place.

Oil & Gas Storage Tanks - Willbanks Metals

Oil & Gas Storage Tanks

Willbanks Metals is located in Fort Worth, Tx. giving us a geographical advantage to provide steel plate or parts to the oil and gas industry. Only a 4 hour drive from the heart of the Permian Basin Willbanks can provide quick service for the tank industry. WMI is the largest general line service center to where the largest tank manufacturing plants reside.

Railcars - Willbanks Metals


The railcar industry is known to use a lot of steel and WMI has provided those first stage parts for decades. Well known manufacturers like Trinity Industries and Green Briar Rail are local OEM’s producing thousands of railcars.

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Willbanks Metals is one of the nations largest general line steel service center in the southwest United States. We consider ourselves a ‘one stop shop’ for the consumer of steel products and fabrication services.

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