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Steel Forming Services

Willbanks Metals has the equipment, material and craftsmen to handle your metal forming needs. We got our start specializing in steel forming over 43 years ago and currently have 12 press brakes to help you with your steel parts. From 720′ long presses specializing in the monopole industry to small brakes (120′ long) we can help with your small parts.

Press Brakes

  • 2500 Ton x 60 ft. long
  • 2300 Ton x 60 ft. long
  • 1200 Ton x 60 ft. long
  • 1000 Ton x 24 ft. long
  • 600 Ton x 20 ft. long
  • 400 Ton x 20 ft. long
  • 400 Ton x 16 ft. long
  • 350 Ton x 14 ft. long
  • 250 Ton x 14 ft. long
  • 230 Ton x 12 ft. long
  • 135 Ton x 10 ft. long

Send us your drawings and specifications or call our sales team for more information. With our array of specialized dies and punches we can bend almost anything you put in front of us. Below is a few examples of parts we have done.