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Hot Steel News July 2013

Happy 4th of July - Willbanks Metals


Happy Fourth of July and Happy Birthday America!

Willbanks Metals wants to wish you a Happy Fourth of July!

Be safe and enjoy celebrating our country’s Independence Day.

Willbanks Metals will be closed on Thursday, July 4th, 2013.


Market Update

From VP of Sales & Marketing; Dustin Easton

The latest news on pricing trends:

Steel prices are on the rise! As most of you know, sheet mills have been increasing base pricing on their products for the past several weeks. A third price hike has now been announced, putting base pricing at $32.75 cwt FOB mill from many of the North American mills. This represents a rise in pricing by over 20% in less than two months’ time. There is also wide speculation that scrap prices could increase by as much as $30/ton in July. If this is truly the case, then we can expect most carbon steel products to jump in price by that same amount immediately following that announcement. This means that sheet, discrete plate, and structural products could all be affected by increases. We’ve already seen the first round of increases on tubing products, which typically is produced from sheet mill coils. These pricing trends seem to be going against the grain with what we’ve historically seen at this time of year. If you would like to discuss the market further, or would like help procuring material before these pricing hikes move up any further, please contact your WMI Sales Rep.

We would love to hear your take on things. How is your business and what are your seeing with price trends?

Send your feedback to: [email protected]


Introducing the Titan Multihead Oxy-Fuel Cutting System - Willbanks Metals

In March of this year we added our new Titan Multihead Oxy-Fuel cutting system to the Willbanks line up.

  • 14 ft. x 40 ft. cutting table
  • 4 cutting torches for multiple part cutting operations
  • Messer Global Control Center

Ask your sales person for more details….

Titan Multihead Oxy-Fuel Cutting System - Willbanks Metals Titan Multihead Oxy-Fuel Cutting System - Willbanks Metals

New Employees

Willbanks Metals would like to welcome Corey Clendaniel, David Belknap and Shay Ratliff to our sales team.

Corey Clendaniel comes to us with over 11 years of steel industry experience. For the past five years, he has been involved in account management, quality, purchasing, material allocation, and scheduling for Steel Warehouse Co. in Memphis, TN. Corey will focus his efforts on assisting us with production planning, then later taking on an additional role of Inside Sales.

David Belknap has worked in the steel industry for over 25 years, right here in Texas. Most recently, he worked as Inside Sales for Delta Steel with his focus primarily on structural, plate and sawing. We look forward to taking advantage of David’s experience and knowledge, not to mention his outstanding reputation in the market place.

Shay Ratliff will assume the role as Business Development Manager. Shay has been around the steel industry his entire life as his family owned Ratliff Steel in Brownwood, TX. After graduating from Abilene Christian University he went into medical sales, then was asked to run operations which led him to an opportunity in operations and recruiting in college football at Abilene Christian. Following three years at ACU, Shay served as VP of Operations for a sports company in Dallas focused on college football recruiting. Before heading home to Brownwood to run the family business he was in charge of raising capital and business development for a software communication platform in Plano. Most recently, Shay served as President of Ratliff Steel since 2010. Shay has been married 10 years to Haylee and they have three children, Reagan, Stone and Kendall.

Please join Willbanks Metals in welcoming these gentlemen to our team.

Need Fixed Pricing?

Need a fixed price for an extended period of time? We can help you with that! Using the futures market, Willbanks is able to offer fixed prices on coils and plate for up to 18 months. If you need more information in regards to this, please contact your sales person. 1-800-772-2352.

We truly appreciate your business…..if we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Willbanks Metals offers a full range of metal products and fabrication services. Call or visit our website for more information. Thank you. website.


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