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Thermal Processing & Cutting Services

Willbanks Metals is ready to meet your needs with our thermal cutting capabilities, whether it is one piece or one thousand pieces. We offer high-definition plasma cutting and oxy flame cutting. Our cutting tables are some of the largest in the area and gives us the ability to handle large volume and cut several parts at the same time. Plus we have an Auto CAD department that can help you design your steel parts more effectively and efficiently.

Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Plasma Cutting

Table Sizes:

  • Messer 1: 15′ x 125′
  • Messer 2: 17′ x 135′
  • Messer 3: 12-8″ x 61′
  • Alltra 1: 13′ x 120′
  • Hornet: 10′ x 51′ (1 torch)


  • Our LARGE cutting tables allows us to stage multiple jobs therefore increasing production efficiency.
  • Multiple high-definition rotating BEVEL HEADS
  • 400 amps of power allows us to cut up to 2″ thick steel with ease.

Flame Cutting Capabilities

Flame Cutting

Table Sizes:

  • Messer 1: 14′ x 40′
  • Hornet: 10′ x 51′ (5 torch)


  • Can cut up to 6″ thickness in HR steel.
  • Up to 6 torches on one gantry

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