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Tube Laser Cutting Service Fort Worth, Texas




Tube Lasers:


  • Mazak FG-220- 3D Laser Cutter
  • Mazak FG-400 NEO-3D Laser Cutter


  • Solid State Laser Technology for Tube and Structural Applications
  • Cutting options include: Miter Cutting, Coping, Beveling, Tapping & Stitch Cutting
  • We can cut: Square, Rectangle & Round Tubing/Pipe/Channel/Angle/Flat Bar/Wide Flange & I Beams
  • Round size ranges from .079″-16″
  • Square/Rectangular ranges from .79″ x .79″ to 12″ x 12″


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Willbanks Metals is one of the nations largest general line steel service center in the southwest United States. We consider ourselves a ‘one stop shop’ for the consumer of steel products and fabrication services.

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