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Willbanks Metals
With locations in Fort Worth, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Willbanks Metals is recognized as one of the most diverse steel service
centers in the Southwest United States. Serving our customers for over 38 years, our focus is on providing an array of products and
services with superior service and unmatched integrity.
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Value Added Fabrication Services
Willbanks Metals offers a variety of First Stage fabrication services to compliment your capabilities. Thermal, Forming, Rolling, Shearing, Machining... we do it all, which means YOU do it all, for your customers.
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Roll, Plate and Structural Distribution
Willbanks Metals has the brawn to handle coils up to 60,000 pounds; our decoiling operations are large-scale, fast and efficient.
With 57,500 square feet under roof and 11 acres, our structural steel warehouse stores a wide range of metal shapes and sizes including: angle, channel, beam, pipe, tubing, flat bar, sheet and plate.
We pride ourselves on our mill plate distribution. With great quantities of every grade and size, our capabilities and swift service are all you need.
Willbanks Metals really is your one-stop shop.
Transloading Services
Cut your costs. Unload, store, load, and transport material you purchased direct from the mill at our convenient location right by the FWWR Hodge Station.